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First of all; I would like to introduce my self. I am Nasser Tayyem. My name is not important. What this site is offering for the community of engineers is the important.

The first project in mind while we were preparing this site was Concrete Mix Design for Civil Engineers “MixDes”, but the general idea is to host engineering software projects. I have quite few plans in my mind, and we are collaborating with few engineers with programming experience, and the door is open for others who are preparing their own programs to join my group which I called MIXDES (the same as our first project). The set of tools we are planning to produce will hopefully make a complete set of design tools to help engineers in their daily activities.

This site is dedicated to civil engineering solutions, primarily document control, submittals control, material testing programs, structural design, civil engineering books... All materials in this site can be distributed freely as long as it is not modified by any means, and reference is made to the source with link to our site.

Our main target is to keep this site simple as much as possible, it will not be fancy with full of colors, it will be just links to software and description of each program.

Your comments are important to us to update our freeware collection, but keep in mind that all software provided in this site should not to be used for keeping record of essential information, or making decisions with financial implications. It is just free of charge gift with no warranties what so ever.

How to contact me: just email me at the address below and we will discuss the details of your project and will add it here.

What are the terms: very simple, just you have to agree on the GNU terms and conditions, and your software provided will be open source and can be used in other projects.  We do not prefer to provide the compiled version to users, but the source code has to be part of the download package so that the users who download the files can make sure it is free from viruses or spyware or adware. The executable files tested by us shall be marked as “Mixdes Safety Check Pass”.

I just want to remind you that we need original ideas and not stolen projects.


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